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Ocean City VIP Party Strippers
"Bachelor Party Experts"!

Meet Jenna

Ocean City VIP STRIPPERS Manager

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After dabbling in the adult webcam industry and porn I decided to try out being a stripper! My first party I did was with Adriana and Mel, I had so much fun! I couldn't believe how cool the guys were and how much fun I was having. The girls were so nice and Adriana taught me 1-on-1! Thoroughly trained me to be the BEST possible stripper I could be. 

Making money and having a blast I felt was a dream come true... I dived right in

Adrianna saw my potential and asked me to be the manager of Ocean City VIP Strippers ;-))

We worked together to make our show blow all the other stripper agencies out of the water!

& OF COURSE we did! We are the ONLY stripper agency who offers Anal Ring Toss in OCMD

When I'm not busy being the bachelor party specialist

I enjoy perfecting my pole dancing skills, watching football, driving fast cars, playing paintball, sky-diving, reading business books and eating sushi!

I also assist with the phones and texts, as well as bachelor party bookings. 

Meet Adriana

Ocean City VIP Strippers Owner

Entering the adult industry as a fresh faced spunky 18 year old too nervous to be seen at a strip club... Lucky enough to have had a friend in the bachelor party stripper industry I was introduced to all the top agencies in the tristate area. After working for over a year, and seeing the slow winters in Atlantic City, NJ I decided to try out NYC.

Working for several stripper companies, and gaining rave reviews through all the agencies, one company asked me if I was interested in becoming a manager.

Of course I said YES! ...A week later I was part-owner (bought into the company) then months later bought a partner out. We expanded our New York stripper agency to Atlantic City, with little ol' me leading the expansion! 

Killing it the first couple months! 

I immediately saw the potential in myself and decided to cease my partnership with Pussycat Entertainment and went on to start my own stripper company! ;-)   

(check me out I'm an entrepreneur)!

Being the top stripper agency in Atlantic City, NJ prompted me to expand to Ocean City, MD

Fell in love with OCMD so I put all of my focus into the eastern shore! NOW Ocean City, Maryland and Dewey Beach & Rehoboth Beach, Delaware are my #1

We've been the top stripper agency in OCMD for 4-5 years now!

Ocean City MD Strippers
rehoboth beach strippers

My agency began as little stripper company to book my hot stripper friends and I on! Slowly hiring more girls and expanding throughout the tristate area. Soon a big problem arose! I was booking too many parties and didn't have enough girls for all the parties! 

Not a bad problem to have though I must admit, lol! 

Fast forward a few years... Through multiple name changes, we are now the #1 Bachelor Party Stripper agency in Ocean City, MD and Atlantic City, NJ

I have perfected my craft and have created the ULTIMATE Bachelor Party Show... 


I upgraded my show ---- major improvement! To offer literally the WILDEST Bachelor Party EXXXPERIENCE! Taking tips & tricks I learned while working and traveling in Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago and Australia

NOBODY IN THE WORLD offers a show like we do!

The games and tricks we do + the girl on girl TOY SHOW is literally ONE-OF-A-KIND / Jaw Dropping / HOT AF!!!

EXCLUSIVELY offered by: US! @ Ocean City VIP Strippers

Meet Amy

Ocean City VIP Strippers Coordinator

dewey beach strippers

I was working at PetSmart when Adrianna came in with her dog... I rung her up. She did a second glance at me TOTALLY CHECKING ME OUT! She left then 5 min later she came back in and found me in the store, as I just got off the register. She told me I was very pretty and asked me how old I was, then asked if I have ever considered stripping. I actually was very interested, but super shy! She gave me her business card and gave me her personal cell # and told me to call her when I got off work. The following day we met at Starbuck's where she gave me the rundown on everything (TONS OF INFO + DETAILS) and answered all of my questions (I had 100)! 

Fast forward... Adrianna booked me on a party with 3 other girls that weekend. I freakin' loved it! 

Showing off my sexXxy body that I bust my a$$ in the gym for and getting paid for it couldn't have been more ideal! Especially for a college kid like me!! 

Currently I handle the scheduling of the parties and assist Adrianna with expanding!

Covering all or majority of:

Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Florida is the goal! 

We are also putting together a Male Revue Show & a Female Revue Show

Our Bachelor Show is EXCLUSIVE To Us: Ocean City VIP Party Strippers
- Updated - Upgraded - Enhanced -
EVERY YEAR To Always GUARANTEE The HOTTEST + WILDEST + MOST FUN Private Party Entertainment In Ocean City, Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Ocean Pines, Salisbury, OCMD, Atlantic City

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The strip clubs are lame!

No touching rules are ultra lame for BACHELOR PARTIES or any party!

We truly enjoy our job and love performing at bachelor parties! Although we are available for all private party events.


Forget the days of calling stripper agencies and requesting a hot blonde and brunette and two hideous girls show up who look nothing like the pictures!



strip clubs in ocean city maryland
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