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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Private Party Strippers...

What are the benefits of strippers coming to your hotel room or house party?

There are so many benefits to having strippers come to your hotel room, suite, Airbnb home, or house party instead of going out to strip clubs! Although there are no strip clubs in Ocean City, MD or on the Eastern Shore. So unless you are up for a long night of back and forth traveling to a potentially lame strip joint...Opt for the stripper delivery agency instead.
Buy all of your own liquor and keep it in your room instead of paying crazy high prices for one or two watered down drinks and pricey door entry fees.
No long lines to get in, no price increases. You get
VIP personal attention for your group instead of being treated like just another bunch of guys in the club...
You aren’t going to have to compete with a million other tourists and groups of bachelor parties for an Uber or cabs for your whole group, and you aren’t going to have to leave your room to get to see some of the hottest ladies in action!


Why choose Ocean City VIP Strippers?

Choosing a legitimate group of strippers or a stripper service is crucial to the success of your bachelor party. This is DELMARVA / Eastern Shore, and there are many sub par, totally unprofessional girls looking for a quick buck off of our tourists and club goers. There's lots of money in it because there are lots of them that visit Ocean City, MD & Dewey Beach, DE everyday in the spring and summer high peak vacation and bachelor party season.
We are very selective with our girls. Every one of our girls has went through a screening process and training period, so you can be assured that we are all legit and of course we are amazingly sexy strippers with wild shows that will have your entire party drooling and requesting an encore!
The owner Adriana put together the HOTTEST + WILDEST + MOST FUN bachelor party show that surpasses the competition with flying colors!
Our show is exceedingly better for various reasons: A REAL stripper, a REAL exotic dancer, a REAL professional entertainer created the show for private parties; not just bachelor parties!
Adriana has worked and expanded to the entire tristate area, delmarva, eastern shore, down south & the west coast... MD, DE, VA, PA, NY, NJ, CT, FL, NV, CA
Ocean City VIP Strippers is the only stripper agency run by REAL strippers
NOT some shady dude behind the phone.
Adriana personally answers the phone, or her best friend Amy.

How much is a good tip?

Ocean City VIP Party Strippers put a lot of time into perfecting our exclusive show

that is highly recommended from our thousands of happy customers over the years! Tipping of the STRIPPERS is mandatory.

Please keep in mind that all entertainers in the strip clubs and through stripper agencies work for tips, and also rely on those tips.

Our girls spend a lot of money on supplies to make your party perfect and to give you the ULTIMATE experience! We come with lights, speaker, toys, a cooler and a bag of other goodies and supplies to turn up your party! These supplies do not come cheap. We have even tested out over a dozen different types of disco balls and party lights to find the best ones! 

Fun fact: Stripper heels cost $100-$200, G-strings cost $10-$20 each, thigh highs costs $40, outfits cost anywhere from $60-$150.

When we say "WE BRING THE STRIP CLUB TO YOU" we literally mean we are going to turn your hotel room or house/ living room into a strip club vibe!

Lastly, please keep in mind that the stripper agency has overhead costs + when booking through an entertainment company the company pays the party girls for travel and an hourly flat rate; which pays for the strippers to be fully nude for a duration. The show goes MILD TO WILD and tipping is required to go to the next level. We can do custom packages where we offer all inclusive options and a menu to choose from. However we have found going ala-carte works better.

Do you require a deposit? 

Yes, we do require a fully refundable deposit. The deposit is simply to reserve your time slot. The remaining balance is paid in cash to the VIP Party Strippers upon arrival. As long as you cancel within 24 hours, your deposit will be refunded in full. If you cancel last minute, you are forfeiting your deposit. 

We accept Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay and Bitcoin.

We enforce a strict cancellation policy, as we are a business and we plan and coordinate our entertainers schedules accordingly. When you cancel last minute, you are taking up a time slot that could have been booked to someone else that we turned down. We do not overbook our girls, and sometimes we even have a waiting list! We are a professional entertainment company, that primarily operates on the weekends; and our professional exotic dancers and erotic strippers take their jobs and entertaining very seriously. 

Please do not book unless you are 100% positive your group is able to commit. 

If you cancel within 3 hours of your party booking time, you will be required to pay the Ocean City VIP Party Strippers $100 each on top of forfeiting your full deposit. Deposits are fully refundable if you cancel within our policy.

How do you book a private party / bachelor show?

Booking professional strippers for your stag party has never been easier!

1.) Simply Pick which party package is perfect for your party / event.
2.) Select your favorites & backups! Text Us your top 4-6 favorite blonde strippers and your top 4-6 favorite brunette strippers.
3.) Call
THE BEST Bachelor Party Entertainment Specialist

@ 443-266-8559 Amy

@ 410-920-9083 Adriana 

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