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Hire The Best Strippers For Your Bachelor Party

The strippers you hire for your bachelor party can make or break your best buddy's last hoorah AKA his...special event. It’s important that you hire your bachelor party entertainment through a professional private party stripper agency that can deliver quality entertainers that are not only smoking HOT, flirty, talented, fun, and exciting party girls... but who are also professionally trained to put on a one-of-a-kind show for your bachelor party or just because party.

Ocean City VIP Party Strippers strippers' are the best of the best in the industry and will leave your guests stunned with their unforgettable wet n wild bachelor show and custom party packages. The standard bachelor party package is 2 VIP party strippers for 1 hour and upgrades are available upon request.

Many people fall victim of stripper scams, so we thought we’d put together some questions and tips to ensure you are hiring a Stripper company in Ocean City Maryland that can deliver epic entertainment for your special event:

- Is the company real and trustworthy? Take a look at the company’s website and other information online. Do they always answer the phone OR do they text you?

Never hire a company who does not pick up your phone call! This is most likely because it is a shady dude behind the phone pretending to be a fun wild and hot stripper girl... HOWEVER sometimes we do text you when we are unable to answer because we are unable to speak, but we will always be available to talk within 10 minutes of a text.

- Are the strippers working for themselves? Never hire strippers who work independently. They will often times show up extremely late, will look terrible, rush your show, mediocre performance and worse possibly even scam you.

- Are there any hidden fees? Lots of companies have many hidden fees they don’t tell you about, such as an exorbitant travel fee. Make sure you ask about any fees you may be required to pay besides the cost of the show.

Ocean City VIP Party Strippers, has an FAQ page that details what we do and don't do, tipping policy and other details.

We always tell our customers that tipping is required.

Any stripper agency claiming the price is an all inclusive package... BEWARE! They just want to collect their fee and do not care for their entertainers. Our party strippers do a show where tipping is mandatory and premium tips to get to the next level.

Ocean City VIP Party Strippers show goes MILD TO WILD and tipping is how our professional exotic dancers make their money.

Just like in the strip club, where strippers make their money through TIPS... That is how it also is with bachelor party strippers.

When booking a stripper agency, the booking agent has their fee (we pay our phone girls + our VIP party girls tip the booker/ coordinator - as Jenna our coordinator handles their scheduling and keeps tabs on where the girls are at all times. For safety reasons we absolutely must have staff on-call to check in with the girls.

Also the company itself has overhead costs and provides bachelor party party supplies for the parties like: stripper outfits, party themed costumes, cooler, party lights, music stereo/ bluetooth speaker and extra naughty party toys + supplies for the bachelor party games and tricks.

It is important to be aware that all entertainment companies have their fee, and the party strippers get paid from the fee that covers their travel costs and hourly pay, but strippers rely on their tips. Tipping strippers is customary.

- Is the show full nude? Most companies advertise full nude on their websites, but do not deliver full nude during the show. Make sure you confirm that the show will be fully nude to get the most bang for your buck.

- Are they familiar with the area? Make sure the company you hire is familiar with the area your event is located in. There’s nothing worse than having a room full of men waiting around while the best-man gives directions to a lost stripper on the phone.

Beware of nationwide companies. These companies never screen nor meet their girls. They simply hire via email or text messaging.... Which means they do not verify the pictures to be authentic.

Our hiring process is by pictures being submitted, we do facetime if we are interested, then we meet the new hired strippers to validate they are of legal age by having the girls present their drivers license.

- Ask around. This is probably the best tip you could ever get in regards to hiring the right strippers for your bachelor party. Ask your buddies what their experiences have been with other companies and if they “know anyone”. I guarantee they will refer you to US- Ocean City VIP Strippers is the only local stripper agency.

We do not send our girls from several hours away like our competitors do!

- These guidelines and tips will help to ensure your bachelor party is wild, crazy, and one that your buddies will never, ever forget!

Your bachelor will thank you for finding us- the only professional exotic dancer - female run stripper agency on the Eastern Shore!

Ocean City VIP Strippers is owned by a college graduate turned sexy entrepreneur!

To hire the best strippers in Ocean City, MD call or text us @ 443-646-3778

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Ocean City VIP Party Strippers

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